beryl hsieh

I wasn't born with all the skills, but there's always passion.

From Taiwan to the States, from Microbiology to Human Factors; now I know that working on an interface design can really stop the world for me.

Web design is beyond a piece of HTML codes or a graphic image. It is art, but it can only become a masterpiece when a designer considers how the user's mind works, how the information should best flow, and what's the best way optimize between the two. I call it navigation. A user builds the impression of the company through its website. The navigation can be anywhere between frustrating and effortless. Good interface design is the foundation for users to browse, find, and act. A usability-oriented website encourages a perception of trustworthiness. It's about conveying correct information, allowing proper interaction, and providing a desired destination.

Let it be an interface you can navigate!